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Clarabelle the Wine Cow

Introducing the Paso Robles Inn's Newest Mascot

Next time you visit the Paso Robles Inn, you will be greeted by an udderly adorable, 120-pound, fiberglass cow named Clarabelle the Wine Cow. It's not everyday you see a work of art such as Clarabelle, but from September 2016 until May 2017, 101 cows will be showcased across the county in participation of CowParade SLO at a variety of businesses and organizations until auctioned off for charity in early spring. Lucky for us, Clarabelle has found her forever home at the Paso Robles Inn and will remain in front of the hotel for years to come. 

About CowParade 

CowParade SLO is part of an international movement that raises money for local non-profit organizations through a public art exhibit featuring life-size, 120-pound, fiber glass cows. Before coming to SLO, CowParade has been featured in London, New York, Paris, Rome, and 71 other cities and towns. Since its start in 1999, CowParade has raised more than $3 million for charities across the world.

Locally, the net proceeds raised from CowParade SLO after the auction in early spring will benefit the California Mid-State Fair Heritage Foundation, The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, and ARTS Obispo.

As a sponsor, the Paso Robles Inn will donate the money raised by Clarabelle to benefit the Children's Museum in Paso Robles. The Children's Museum is a public charity that provides developmental opportunities for local children and families. The donations aid the museum in creating and maintaining interactive exhibits that encourage children to play, learn, and enrich their childhood through participation in educational programs. 

Creating Clarabelle 

Clarabelle began as a pet project that took on a life of it's own thanks to the herd work, dedication, and creativity of brothers Ken & Rod Gouff, and Rod's daughter, Christine Sedley. Christine, having seen a CowParade display previously in Chicago, was the one to encourage her family to take on this project. Inspired by the beautiful wineries and vineyards that stretch across San Luis Obispo County, and with Christine's passion for the project, Ken became the visionary and artist behind Clarabelle while Rod served as the engineer and problem solver throughout the construction of Clarabelle. From "Grape to Bottle" the family wanted Clarabelle to bring attention to San Luis Obispo County's growing wine industry that we're all so proud to be a part of, and it's safe to say they succeeded. 

With her body stuck in a wine barrel and a mouth full of grapes, everyone here at the Paso Robles Inn can relate to Clarabelle's love for all things wine, and we hope you can too! We are so thankful to Ken, Rod, Christine for working with us on this worthy endeavor and we're proud to participate in CowParde SLO in the effort to enrich our community. 

Get Involved

Vote, vote, vote! Help your favorite cows move on to the Charity Live Auction in May 2017! You may cast a vote for as many cows you want, with one vote a day per cow. The top 10 cows with the most votes will be announced on April 30, 2017 and will automatically move on to the auction. Don't know where to find the cows to pick your favorites? Check out the interactive cow map to locate every cow across the county! 

Next time you visit us, snap a selfie with Clarabelle! The first person to take a selfie with 50 of the 101 cows and post to Instagram with #cowparadeslo will earn an official CowParade SLO Cowlifornia Repubic T-Shirt and Trucker Hat! 

Want to know mooore about Clarabelle? Keep up with our blog for updates, photos, and news about CowParade SLO! 

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