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Cattlemen's Lounge at the Historic Paso Robles Inn

Discover Local Flavor at Our Paso Robles Bar & Lounge


Sunday-Thursday, 11 AM - 10 PM

Friday + Saturday, 11 AM - 11 PM





Live Music Thursdays

Join us every Thursday for live music + craft cocktails from 6 - 9 PM

  • 1/26 - Paso Libre with Ron Nodder
  • 2/2 - Pat Pearson
  • 2/9 - Paso Libre with Ron Nodder
  • 2/16 - Kenneth Warrick
  • 2/23 - Ben Hein
  • 3/2 - Lynda Tymchek & Marty Townsend
  • 3/9 - Noach Tangeras
  • 3/16 - Kenntheth Warrick
  • 3/23 - Paso Libre with Ron Nodder
  • 3/30 - Lynda Tymchek & Marty Townsend

Interested in performing at Cattlemen's Lounge? Contact us here.

History of Cattlemen's Lounge:

Established in 1942. The Cattlemen's Lounge received its name because it has served as a gathering place of so many local cowboys throughout its history. In 1965, Linden Chandler purchased the Paso Robles Inn and 50,000 acres of local land. On this land, Chandler ran 4,000 head of cattle each year. At this point in Paso Robles' history, the area was still a small-town agricultural community as the wine industry had yet to develop. Chandler's background in farming and ranching was often incorporated at the Inn. For years, the Paso Robles Trail Riders ended their ride at the Inn with a grand dinner and celebration. At least twice over the years, members of the Chandler family had ridden horses upstairs into the Cattlemen's Lounge. Grandpa saddled up in 1956 followed by his grandson in 1979. Today, Cattlemen's Lounge is still a favorite spot for local ranchers to relax after long days in Paso Robles' countryside.