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Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly
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Dog-Friendly in Downtown Paso Robles

Dogs are welcome at our Paso Robles Hotel

At our dog-friendly hotel in Paso Robles, we believe no vacation is complete without every family member in attendance—and that includes your favorite four-legged friend. The Paso Robles Inn offers designated dog-friendly rooms for an additional fee of $50 per night for up to 2 dogs with a maximum fee of $100 per stay. If you are interested in booking a dog-friendly room, please contact the hotel for availability and view our dog policy prior to your arrival. 

Please note: There is no charge for Service Dogs. However, we do ask that you please notify us in advance if you will be traveling with a Service Dog.

Dog-Friendly Amenities at the Paso Robles Inn:

  • Food/Water Bowl 
  • Blanket
  • Treats 
  • Waste bags

Dog Policy