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ATV Riding in Paso Robles Wine Country
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Paso Robles Hiking & Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities on the Central Coast

From the rocky cliffs of Big Sur and the sandy beaches in Pismo Beach to the rolling green hills of San Luis Obispo, California's Central Coast offers a more diverse landscape than most states are lucky enough to enjoy. Along with the varied terrain comes outdoor activities and things to do in Paso Robles for all levels of adventure. Whether you're a thrill seeker who lives on the edge or someone who'd rather admire the beauty of Paso Robles with a wine glass in hand, a California vacation was meant to be enjoyed in the great outdoors. 

Water & Waves

No trip to Paso Robles is complete without a scenic drive to the Pacific Ocean on California's iconic Highway 1. With more than 300 days of sunshine and gentle year-round weather, the Central Coast is home to beaches and lakes, where you can swim, splash, and play all day—just don't forget the sunscreen! 


San Luis Obispo county offers scenic hiking and biking trails that wind up, down, and all around the coast. Get a new perspective of the Central Coast from the tops of one of these beautiful peaks: 

Attractions & Tours

If the only thing that gets your heart racing is an adrenaline rush, these adventure activities may be exactly what you're looking for.