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Historic Photo of the Original Paso Robles Inn Ballroom Building

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Our Story: The Historic Downtown Paso Robles Inn

Welcome to Paso Robles' Pioneer Hotel

Established in 1889, the very same year that El Paso de Robles was founded as a city, the Paso Robles Inn hotel has been at the heart of Paso Robles history for over a century. Today, the Inn stands tall over Spring Street as a downtown landmark representing the hospitality that our town has come to be known and loved for. Learn more about the important role our historic hotel has played in defining the beloved region of Paso Robles, CA below. 

The Paso Robles Inn's Gilded Age

As railroads and mineral hot springs drew visitors to the area, the original “fireproof” El Paso de Robles Hotel was constructed of solid masonry and featured parlors, billiard rooms, a saloon, and even a barbershop. Over the next 50 years, notable figures (and even a few infamous outlaws) including concert pianist Ignace Paderewski, US president Theodore Roosevelt, and actors from John Wayne to Clark Gable flocked to the hotel seeking the comfort of these soothing spring waters.

Down in Flames

But in December 1940, a fire destroyed the entire hotel except for the Grand Ballroom, which has since been restored to its turn-of-the-century grandeur. Fortunately, all hotel guests escaped the blaze that night thanks to a heroic night clerk who alerted everyone to the fire.

A Second Chance

By 1942 construction was completed on the hotel recognized today, using bricks salvaged from the ruins of the original El Paso De Robles Hotel. Designed to accommodate motoring travelers, the property was described as not a hotel—not a motel, but a combination of both. Because of this unique style, the Inn was featured in several architectural journals throughout the 1940s. The guests’ cars could be conveniently garaged just behind each room, and still allow for central garden views and other fine features of a formal hotel.

Return to Former Glory

In 1999, the Paso Robles Inn was purchased by Martin Resorts, a local family-owned hotel group that immediately embarked on a multi-phase plan to retrofit and restore the Inn. “Our ultimate goal is to make the Paso Robles Inn the landmark it once was,” said the founder of Martin Resorts, Tom Martin.

Due to these efforts, today the Inn offers 98 guestrooms, The Steakhouse, a retro Coffee Shop, Cattlemen’s Lounge, and more. As a landmark in the community of Paso Robles, the Martin Resorts team has remained committed to continually improving the hotel and facilities to stay current with both travelers’ and the community’s needs.

Why just stop by the local landmarks when you could stay in one? Experience the history and culture of Paso Robles firsthand. Book your stay at the historic Paso Robles Inn.