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The Piccolo
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The Piccolo: Downtown Paso's Newest Hotel

Introducing the Next Generation of Paso Robles Hospitality

The Paso Robles Inn has always been and remains the most authentic and unique representation of the spirit and personality that has made Paso Robles such a special destination for over 150 years.  No other property has opened their arms to more visitors who have wanted to get a true taste of this place and its culture, because no other property has been as influential in helping to define the region and its culture. But as we have grown and evolved, so has the region.

“We have discovered that Paso Robles really does have a demand for a higher-end property for many of our visitors, especially in the downtown area, so we’ve decided that we would stay small and develop the next chapter of the Paso Robles Inn with this idea,” said Margaret Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Martin Resorts

The Piccolo is the newest addition to the Martin Resorts family—a collection of premier hotels along California’s Central Coast. Inspired by the rich heritage of sister property, the historic Paso Robles Inn, our vision for The Piccolo is to seamlessly fit into the narrative of Paso Robles and be a catalyst for the next generation of experiences that people will enjoy here.

A four-story hotel located at 600 12th Street in the heart of Downtown Paso Robles, The Piccolo is adjacent to and accessible via the Paso Robles Inn. Featuring 23 Luxury King Rooms and an exclusive two-room suite, The Piccolo elevates the boutique hotel experience in Paso Robles, bringing the rustic sophistication of wine country together with the relaxed and refreshing Central Coast lifestyle.

Because it is founded by the same community members that have carried on the tradition and legacy of the Paso Robles Inn, The Piccolo will be the perfect combination of the authenticity, originality, and attitude that makes Paso Robles such a treasured destination. Combined with that unique legacy is a modern, welcoming, and open approach to hospitality that will introduce the next generation of Paso Robles perfected. Read more about Paso Robles' pioneer hotel and the new frontier, The Piccolo, on our blog today. 

The Piccolo is now open and accepting reservations. We can’t wait to welcome you.

Book your stay today or learn more by visiting The Piccolo online. 

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