Enjoy a Soak in the Paso Robles Hot Springs

Start Planning a Healing Getaway

Known first to the Native Americans and Missionaries, the healing powers from natural mineral hot springs in Paso Robles have been known to heal the body’s aches. You too, can indulge in our hotel's deluxe mineral spa rooms which feature outdoor Jacuzzi tubs that are fed by the famous Paso Robles hot springs.

These Jacuzzi tubs, which are rich in sulfur compounds, help to stimulate the body’s mucus membranes, soothe the respiratory system and calm the skin. Soaking in sulfur water eases symptoms caused by arthritis, back, shoulder and neck pain as well as detoxifies the body, making it a desirable therapeutic agent. Discover the healing power of a vacation when you stay in one of our deluxe mineral spa rooms. 

The Paso Robles Inn's hot springs well provides mineral water directly from the naturally occurring sulfur mineral springs under the grounds of the hotel therefor not affecting California's drought. While the benefits of mineral spring water have been experienced for centuries, we cannot guarantee the benefits. Please note the smell of sulfur mineral baths is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas escaping into the air and is a result of having the mineral tubs throughout the property grounds.