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Paso Robles Inn Water Conservation Efforts

California is currently experiencing a drought and our Paso Robles hotel is taking measures to help conserve water. We invite you to join us by using the following conservation solutions.

As a respected choice among Paso Robles hotels, here are some of the ways the Paso Robles Inn and Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse have implemented water conservation:

The mineral water used to fill the Deluxe Mineral Spa Room tubs is natural sulphur water and is not for consumption or bathing. It is drawn for a different source other thank our public drinking water. Enjoying the mineral water will have no impact on the current drought in California.

Thank you for joining our Paso Robles spa hotel in our efforts to conserve water. For more water-wise events and stories, check out the latest NEWS from Water Use it Wisely.

Clean the World 

In addition to conserving water, the Paso Robles Inn is a proud partner with Clean the World, to collect and recycle soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels that help fight the global spread of preventable disease. These efforts reduce unneeded waste from entering local landfills, while providing new hygiene products to impoverished areas that otherwise would not have any.


Paso Robles Inn Global Hygiene Revolution 2016-2017 Totals