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For over a century, travelers have sought the healing powers from natural mineral hot springs located at the Paso Robles Inn. During the era of Spanish missions in pre-statehood California, Paso Robles was known to the Native Americans and Missionaries as the "hot springs." The Missions' Padres were so impressed by the healing powers of the mineral hot springs that they made annual pilgrimages to take (bathe and drink) the thermal waters.

Many dignitaries, athletes and famous actors came to the hot springs to regain their health, including concert pianist Ignace Paderewski, John Wayne, Clark Gable, Judy Garland and Herbert Hoover. The Pittsburgh Pirates chose the historic hotel for their spring training home fro 1924 to 1934.

Today, travelers continue to retreat to the Paso Robles Inn to relax, revitalize and enjoy "taking the waters" in the Deluxe Mineral Spa Rooms. These rooms feature outdoor Jacuzzi tubs that are fed by the famous therapeutic mineral hot springs.

Benefits of Natural Sulfur

Sulfur is naturally occurring under the hotel and throughout various parts of town in Paso Robles. Our water is rich in sulfur compounds and trace minerals which assist healing in a variety of ways. Hydrogen sulfide gas (responsible for the aroma) is a powerful antibacterial agent, stimulating to the body’s mucus membranes, soothing to the respiratory system and calming to the skin. Soaking in sulfur water can ease symptoms caused by arthritis, back, shoulder and neck pain and can also help detoxify the body.


During the era of Spanish missions in pre-statehood California, Paso Robles was known to the Native Americans and missionaries as the "Hot Springs."

Impressed by the healing powers of the hot springs, the missions’ padres made annual pilgrimages from Santa Ynez, San Luis Obispo, and San Antonio to bring their sick to be healed by bathing in and drinking the thermal waters of the Paso Robles Hot Springs.

The first Paso Robles Hot Springs Hotel was built in 1864 right next to the natural artesian hot springs well. In 1891, the old hotel was replaced with a magnificent new all-brick hotel. Taking more than one million bricks and two years to build, the new hotel became known worldwide as a health resort.

In 1906, a new bathhouse and indoor plunge was completed. It was designed by the famous architect W. H. Weeks, and was situated close to a new hot springs well which produced over a million gallons per day at 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

In 1999, vowing to restore the property to its original glory. The hot springs well was re-drilled, and Deluxe Spa rooms featuring private Paso Robles mineral springs spa tubs were added.

In 2003, the San Simeon Earthquake shook the town of Paso Robles and caused much destruction to the small town of Paso Robles. Unfortunately the Inn's Annex building did not fair well in the quake and was eventually demolished.

Completed in the summer of 2005, the new Jesse James Building opened to replace the downed Annex Building. Featuring 18 brand new rooms, the addition of the building adds 6 deluxe suites and 12 beautiful new standard rooms. The two-room suites feature private balconies with Paso Robles hot springs spa tubs.

The Paso Robles Inn's hot springs well provides mineral water directly from the naturally occurring sulfur mineral springs under the grounds of the hotel. While the benefits of mineral spring water have been experienced for centuries, we cannot guarantee the benefits. Please note the smell of sulfur mineral baths is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas escaping into the air and is a result of having the mineral tubs throughout the property grounds.

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